Our resources

In order to provide the high level of service our clients demand, we invest heavily in staff, training and information technology. We also have a wide range of contacts.


The professional expertise and personal qualities of our staff are high on the list of our main strengths. When we recruit we look for more than just a high level of formal qualifications. We select people who can analyse situations, solve problems, and communicate the results clearly. Our well-established career structure attracts high calibre people and encourages their loyalty. As a client, you benefit from the ability to build highly effective long-term relationships with not only our partners but our staff as well.


We believe training is an essential means of keeping partners and staff performing at their best. In addition to the introductory courses held for new staff and students, we also run a programme of internal lectures on key technical areas such as taxation, financial reporting and auditing, as well as other subjects of interest. All partners and professional staff also attend external courses to keep their qualifications and knowledge up to date.

Information Technology

The practice embraces the latest developments in information technology, allowing us to deal with comprehensive information quickly. Our Taxation, Audit and Assurance and Business Support departments utilise the latest software packages.


A well-established and wide range of contacts, both at home and abroad, with accountants, lawyers and bankers, gives us a complete network of complementary skills and knowledge, so that we really can coordinate your worldwide financial affairs if required.